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In this series of Briefing Papers, Ray Marshall analyzes the failure of past efforts at immigration reform and offers a comprehensive mix of policies that could serve the best interests of the United States and other countries, especially Mexico. Ron Hira argues that the vast expansion of the H-1B program passed by the U.S. Senate last year will, if signed into law, lead to more offshore outsourcing of jobs, displacement of American technology workers, decreased wages and job opportunities for those same workers, and the discouragement of young people from entering science and engineering fields. Mary Bauer exposes the systematic abuses guest workers experience in the United States.


Outsourcing America's technology and knowledge jobs
by Ron Hira

Getting Immigration Reform Right
by Ray Marshall

Globalization that works for working Americans
by Jeff Faux

Event transcripts

March 28 event: Including presentations from Ray Marshall, Ron Hira, and Mary Bauer. Read transcript [PDF]

January 11 event: Includes Jeff Faux presentation on globalization. Read transcript.[PDF] 

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Ron Hira discusses H1-B visas on Marketplace radio on June 30.


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